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Where Does He Bring Value?


Sales Negotiations

A difficult sale of $250K often benefits from negotiation consulting. Sales at higher levels ($10M-$100M+) almost always do.


Procurement Negotiations

Gary has worked successfully at low-end purchases ($500K) all the way up to strategic spends in excess of $2B. The higher the stakes, the greater the potential savings.


IP, M&A Agreements

Negotiations can take place over intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, or the creation/dissolution of partnerships. All of these can benefit from negotiation consulting.


Insurance Settlements

Gary has worked on both sides of the table in helping to reach fair agreements in negotiations involving insurance settlements. The huge subjectivity of such settlements makes negotiation skills critically important.

Who is Gary Beal?

Gary BealGary L. Beal is the country's premier negotiation consultant and strategist.

Gary has spent the past twenty-five years conducting negotiation consultation and training sessions with Fortune 1000 companies throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. He's consulted at the highest levels in organizations, many industries, all disciplines, nearly every possible angle of business or commercial negotiation.